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Q1:Have you ever heard of "Traceability" ? (choose one from below)*

Q2:What makes you purchase vegetables and fruits? (choose the nearest reason from below)*

Q3:What image do you have for “Made in Japan” foods? (multiple answers available)*

Q4:Have you ever heard of "GLOBALG.A.P." ? (choose one from below)*

Q5:What kind of images do you have for the foods in Don Don Donki? (multiple answers available)*

Q6:When you purchase Japanese vegetables and fruits, what kind of information would you like to have? (multiple answers available)*

Q7:Did you notice we have products with QR codes attached that can display traceability information?*

■What is Traceability?
Traceability is to clarify and traceable of when, where, and by whom the product was made, from the procurement of raw materials to production, and consumption or disposal. In recent years, the importance of traceability has increased due to the improvement of product quality and heightened awareness of safety. Traceability has permeated a wide range of fields, including automobiles and electronic parts, as well as food and pharmaceuticals.

■What is GLOBALG.A.P.?
GLOBALG.A.P. (Good Agricultural Practices) refers to an internationally accepted set of farm standards and is recognised in more than 100 countries and by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). GlobalG.A.P. offers guidance on sustainable production practices, animal welfare, and worker health and safety. Certification helps producers meet the demand for high quality, sustainable food and allows retailers and consumers to choose quality produce with confidence.

Gaining GLOBALG.A.P. certification demonstrates to consumers and retailers your commitment to safe, sustainable food production. The programme is respected by retailers all over the world and can help take your product into new markets. The standard also improves long term business performance by promoting efficiency and reducing waste.

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